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Snorkel rental gear Okinawa

Snorkel rental gear Okinawa

If you have enough experience for snorkeling it's time to explore by yourself.
Don't you rent gears and enjoy Okinwa's rich sea life.

Some points for snorkeling

You need to go with something float or life vest.
We do not lend those who do not go with life vest.

Let's wear something privent from sunburn and jelly fish.
Let's find calm place to snorkel.
Do not go far from coast.
There is unexpected current and strong wind.


Snorkel rental set
okinawa snorleling rental gears combo

Snorkel rental set
(mask&snorkel,boots,fins,life vest)


okinawa rental wetsuit

Wet suit


marin scope

aqua scope

It is good for kids to see inside of the sea


rental summer bed

summer bed (Max load 80kg)


snorkel rental shower okinawa

Outside shower deck is available for free

please put gears back here



Rental fee for a day

mask & snorkel 500 yen
boots 500 yen
fins 500 yen
life vest 500 yen
snorkel rental set 2,000 yen
wet suit 1,000 yen
aqua scope 500 yen
summer bed 1,000yen
tube 500 yen
facility only(shower, toilet, changing room) 500yen

You can take gears around 5pm. the day before you rent or the day you rent.

If you rent gears for days, you do not bring them back everyday.

We have delivery and collecting service at you hotel.(5,000yen each *Please ask area)

You need a passport or ID when you rent.

Please pay in advance when you rent gears.(credit card is available)

Please do not bring your own gears to wash at shower deck.

If you lose or damage gears you have to pay for them.Please use them gently(^^)
mask & snorkel (3,500yen)
boots (3,500yen)
fins (3,500yen)
life vest (3,500yen)
wet suit (30,000yen)
aqua scope (3,500yen)
tube (2,000yen)

We need ditails of your body size.
Please fill reservation form out and send it when you reserve.