a Okinawa Sucuba Diving Blue Cave Whale Shark | Club Axis in Sesoko Island 沖縄ダイビングのコンテンツへ移動.
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We guide you around northern diving points of Okinawa, Whale Shark & Blue Cave.

Minna Is., Sesoko Is., Motobu and Nakijin area

okinawa boat scuba diving


Boat Diving(2dives) fee 14,000yen / person

Boat Diving(3dives) fee 21,000yen / person

Boat Diving(4dives)fee 28,000yen / person

N.B. Boat Diving starts in am. only(Meeting-Time 8:00)
Tour Duration(2dives:4hrs. 3dives:8hrs)

okinawa beach entry scuba diving


Beach Diving(1dive) fee 6,000yen / person

Beach Diving(2dives) fee 11,000yen / person

Beach Diving(3dives) fee 16,000yen / person

Beach Diving(4dives) fee 21,000yen / person

N.B. Beach Diving(3,4dives) starts in am. only
Tour Duration(2dives:4hrs. 3dives:7hrs.)

Blue Cave Whale Shark okinawa


Try scuba at beach with no lisence(1dives) fee 10,000yen / person

You can enjoy scuba at beach. No need to get on a boat.
(time in the water is about 40mins)
Rental gears are included.
Tour Duration(3hrs) For ages 10 and up


Try scuba boat enrty with no lisence(1dives) & Snorkeling fee 16,000yen / person

Try scuba boat enrty with no lisence(2dives) fee 17,000yen / person

You get on a boat and go around Island.
Meeting time 8:00am or 13:00pm
Meeting place our shop at Sesoko Is.

Blue Cave Diving & Whale Shark Diving in Okinawa


Blue Cave Diving & Whale Shark Diving(2dives) fee

19,000yen / person

N.B. This tour starts from 8:30 or 13:00. Pick-up service is also avalable. you need license card for this tour.
tour duration: 4hrs. For ages 10 and up

Meeting point and tour details.


Rental Gear

A set


1,500yen / person
wet suit
1,000yen / person
2,000yen / person
2,000yen / person
full set(all gears above)
3,000yen / person
taiking tour photo
underwater dive light
1,000yen / person

N.B. Please come to club house until meeting-time.
For guests who use pick-up service, we pick you up 15mins before meeting-time.